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About us

QBS Online is a new concept in the provision of professional quality business services.

Businesses large or small and individuals from students to pensioners all need some kind of professional support. Whether regular support is right for you or just help on an ad hoc basis, choosing a support partner can be difficult and cumbersome so we have set out to make your life easier.

We have brought together the resources you need in one place which you can access 24/7. We make sure the quality is great, so you don’t have to worry but we also make sure the price is competitive so you know you are getting a great deal.

QBS Online focuses on your needs, and delivers in a way that makes life easier for you.

Running a business is hard so we aim to take the strain in many areas most small businesses are either not equipped to deal with or don’t have the time to attend to, leaving you free to do what you do best, making the business successful.

If you are not in business you may still need access to quality support services for tax and other matters. We aim to make these necessary tasks easy and accessible for you.

Most people these days have internet access, email, web sites, etc and use the internet to find information and buy goods and services.

The days of having to visit your accountant or other professional service providers in a formal office in the middle of the working day have gone. Business people need information they can access when it suits them in a format they understand.

We don’t just sell you a service, we support you, where, when and how you want it.

All we ask of you is to identify the services that you may need using the contact us link and we will follow through from there.