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QBS associate package

We have listed below a number of questions and answers to help support understanding of our concept and the role that you may play in making QBS Online the success it is.

What is a QBS Associate?

A QBS Associate works with us to enhance their business by being part of a bigger network. The relationship is symbiotic – it’s good for you and it’s good for us.

It is totally bespoke for your needs. You decide what business services you want to carry out yourself and which one you want from QBS Online.

We allocate appropriate work for your area of experience and you can have access other services QBS provides for your portfolio.

Can I work from home?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes. In fact you can work from almost anywhere you want, because QBS Online is just that, online. So you can work anywhere you can get access to the internet

How much time do I need to commit?

You can commit as much or as little as you wish. You decide what time you have available and the Associate level you want to work at.

How can I become an Associate?

You can become an Associate in two ways:

  • Personal Account Manager (PAM) – you will have direct contact with the client and will act as their single access point for all QBS service provision
  • Service Only Provider – you complete work allocated to you and return it to the Personal Account Manager

We will need some information about who you are, your experience and qualifications, and what level of work you are looking to do.

Can I have my own personal clients outside QBS?

Yes you can. You are not tied to only doing QBS Online work; in fact we would encourage you to find clients of your own. Of course when you see the fantastic range of services QBS provides you will want to make those available to your own clients as well.

You may choose to include your own clients within your QBS Online portfolio as a PAM, you will be rewarded for doing so.

What does it cost me?

A QBS Associate is an independent business. Therefore you will have the cost of setting that up for yourself. We can of course help you get set up if you are new to running your own business. The things you will need as a minimum are:

  • Phone line with broadband
  • A computer
  • A printer / scanner / copier
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

You will need to maintain your knowledge and keep up to date so there may be an element of training costs.

Who can become a QBS Associate?

QBS Online offers a wide range of services which are delivered by our Associates and partners. If you have the skills to deliver one of the services we offer you could become a QBS Associate. For example;

  • Jane is an Accountant who has decided to take a career break whilst her children are young. She wants to keep her accounting skills up to date and has time to do some work from home. She chooses to provide the accounts preparation and tax return filing service for a small number of QBS clients. She acts as a PAM because she likes to have contact with the client.
  • Nigel is a payroll clerk who decided to retire early for health reasons. He wants some work to keep him occupied and to supplement his income. He needs to stay close to home and has to be flexible about his working hours. He chose to be a QBS Associate as a service only provider. He is allocated payrolls to maintain and works with the PAM who looks after the client.

How much can I earn?

A QBS Online Associate is an independent business so there is no limit on how much you might earn. It will depend on what you choose to do and how much time you have available. These are the ways your earn money through QBS Online.

If you are a PAM you earn commission based on the range of services your client portfolio buys. The more services they buy the more you earn.

As a service provider (most PAM’s will also be service providers as well) you earn a percentage of what the client pays for the service you provide.

Why don’t I just set up on my own?

You can of course set up your own business doing the same things QBS Online does and there are lots of small businesses doing just that.

However QBS Online offers you some unique opportunities:

  • A readymade technical platform for service delivery. All the software you need is already set up waiting for you to log in.
  • A source of work. QBS will be marketing nationally and will need to refer work to its Associates.
  • An unrivalled range of services for you to offer to your own clients.
  • Administration is dealt with for you. Money laundering ID checks, engagement letters, HMRC authorisation, online filing capabilities, software maintenance, debt collection, etc., etc.

What do I do next?

To sign up and become our next QBS Associate please complete the application link here