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Trusted partners

We have negotiated preferential terms with all our Trusted Partners and pass on these savings direct to you, so you get the benefit.

Increasingly business today is turning towards the Internet to find information on a wide range of business services. Not only is their motivation based on trying to secure a more cost effective solution to their problems but increasing they are finding that high quality business services and providers are using the medium as a viable resource to increase their profile and gain valuable income as a result of their activity.

Outsourcing services

As an alternative to employing staff with a particular skill set to support an internal business function or process it may be more prudent to outsource tasks to trusted collaborative partners to get the work done on your behalf. This can be a much more cost effective way of getting the work done and reduces the financial cost and administrative burden of having to employ people.

A growing resource of Business Services

Under the QBS Online services banner we are following the trend by collecting under one brand name a number of leading business services in addition to accountancy services. QBS Online achieves this by providing a range of quality business services from IT support, marketing, and business development advice, all regularly sought after by SME organisations.

QBS Online anticipate that this resource will continue to grow as requests from SME’s drive us to continually seeking new business services to support them.